The Borough of Bury Veterans Association (BOBVA) was formed in 2017. Our first meeting was held at 14.30 on the 5th February at Yates Bar in Bury with 43 people in attendance. 

Since then the Association has grown from strength to strength with just short of 200 fully paid members and has had to move its meetings to the Fishpool Liberal Club on the first Sunday of each month.

The Association was established to provide:

Assistance to veterans and their dependants by providing a social and support network unifying all three Services in the Borough of Bury, and surrounding areas.

Veteran presence at established parades in the Borough of Bury.

Raise funds to support veterans & veterans charities in the Borough of Bury.

Provide a social environment including visits, events and trips for veterans and like minded people to further a sense of “belonging” within both the veteran and wider community as a whole.


Veterans Raffle




£10  16 - 64 year old

£4  65 - 80 year old

Free - over 80s


Veterans Raffle



We work hard to secure funding, this enables us to arrange free trips to our memebers.

We have received funding from:

*Forever Manchester  - Auto Trader - 247 Car Finance 

*Greggs Foundation Community Fund

*Local Council Pitch Funding

*Ambition for 4 Ageing 

Veterans Raffle

Veterans Raffle

Veterans Raffle


 To be able to maintain and expand our charity’s facilities & services we rely on the support & generosity of the public. We have therefore decided to add an additional fundraising platform which offers participants an exciting opportunity to Win up to £25,000 each month. When joining the Veterans Raffle you are asked to donate £10 per month and nominate a charity that you wish your donation to support. We would obviously hope that you’d select Borough Of Bury Veterans Association as your preferred Good Cause. By participating we will both share up to 95% of the total raffle proceeds each month which is more than in any other lottery in the UK. It’s a real Win Win for both of us and it’s certainly the very best jackpot Winning odds too. Please consider joining now at VeteransRaffle.UK